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Frequently Asked Questions



Flat rate New Zealand wide.  Express Freight for EVERY SINGLE ORDER.

Backed up by our guaranteed 3-5 day production times, we deliver awards to your door within 5-7 business days.

We're no slouches, we've got a few delivery choices.  Check them out here.

We've got 3 options for you here - and they're all quick!  Just scroll down to the bottom of any page (including this one) and you'll see a banner for 'Lightning Fast Shipping'.  We've used IP Location Detection to approximate your postcode, so we've pre-filled your delivery dates (if the postcode is incorrect you can easily update it).

When you reach the Shopping Cart, you can then choose one of the 3 available delivery dates.  No matter which option you choose, it's shipped via Express Freight.  The only thing that changes is our Production Time; either 3, 4 or 5 days - it's your choice! 

You will receive update emails at key times during production.  As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive an email containing a link to track your delivery online.

Absolutely, and it's cheap.  In most cases it will cost you less than your morning coffee.  The actual fee will depend on the value of your cart and is calculated at checkout.

We’re super excited to hear that we have some international fans out there! At this stage, we only deliver to New Zealand and Australia.

Sure can.  Our core delivery partners are NZ Post and CourierPost.


Personalisation of all awards is included in our price.

Anything you want of course!  But everyone is at a loss for words from time to time; if you need help finding yours, check our artwork tips.

  • .eps (preferred)
  • .ai (preferred)
  • .cdr (preferred)
  • .pdf (preferred)
  • .jpg (larger than 50kb)
  • .png (larger than 50kb)
  • .bmp (larger than 50kb)

Our design team will assess the suitability of your uploaded file for engraving / printing and contact you with any issues.

If your order requires you to provide us with a whole stack of engraving / printing info, you may prefer to email this to us in an attached text document - choose the 'Email Your Engraving' option at checkout.  There is a small additional charge for this option to cover the extra time our designers will take to manually input your text.  Our prefered document types are:

  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls) (.xlsx)
  • Word document (.doc) (.docx)
  • Other text documents (.txt) (.rtf)

Please set out the document in an easy to read format so we can determine your requirements.  BTW, if you've run out of time and all you've got is your engraving / printing info scribbled down on a napkin, that's okay too :)

Absolutely.  If you are purchasing from our range of corporate awards and honour boards, we will email you a full scale artwork proof within one business day. 

All other artwork (eg sports trophies, medals etc) will be proofed in-house by our experienced quality control team unless specified by you.

We use different processes depending on which process has the best effect on a particular product.   These include:

Laser Engraving - a laser is used to etch your wording either directly into the surface of your award or on an engraving plate attached to your award, using a high energy, focused laser beam.  Hugely versatile, we can use this process for engraving sports trophies, acrylic awards, plaques and more.

UV Printing - specialty inks are laid down directly to the surface of the award, which are then cured by a UV light for a bright, textured and durable finish.  On some (but not all) corporate awards we're able to use full colour UV.  These versatile machines can also be used to print colour or monochrome on sports trophies, medals, acrylics, plaques, timber and most other flat surfaces.

Rotary/Diamond Drag Engraving - is the process by which a spindle driven tool cuts into the surface of the material to a set depth, carving a groove or character into the surface.  Alternatively in softer metals, a diamond tipped cutting tool drags or routs the groove into the surface of the award (without using a spinning cutter).  Although very attractive, this is a time consuming and expensive method to engrave; we generally only use this process on our range of prestige silver cups, or to match engraving on existing perpetual awards.

Colour Sublimation: is a process through which special inks are printed onto sublimation paper, which is then heat transferred to sublimation plates (aluminium plate with a colour receptive coating).  Sublimation has mostly been phased out by the much more versatile UV Colour Printers, although it's still used in a small number of applications.

This varies item to item and is dictated by the size of the printable area; you can find specific details on each product page (noted in 'specifications'). For each item we've allowed what we assess to be the maximum amount while still being readable. Please let us know if you really require more; there's no additional charge.


  • Visa or MasterCard

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Your payment security is 100% guaranteed; click here for more info. For your security we do not retain credit card details. 

Awards and Trophies is a 100% Australian owned family business. We are the largest trophy retailer in Australia, now delivering our full range right across New Zealand.  Our wholly owned NZ company (AWARDS AND TROPHIES LIMITED) is the import agent - all of our trophies are made & shipped from our production facility in Brisbane.

All products on our website are presented in NZD and are inclusive of New Zealand GST (15%). We are registered with Inland Revenue to collect GST in NZ (IRD number for AWARDS AND TROPHIES LIMITED is 133-173-824).


AWARDS AND TROPHIES LIMITED (our wholly owned NZ subsidiary) is registered with New Zealand Customs and have our own unique Importer/Exporter Code (40591743C), which covers every single order we ship to New Zealand from our production facility in Brisbane.  This means that you will not have to pay any customs duties, tariffs or fees (even for orders greater than NZ$1000) at the point of entry to NZ.  If any fees do apply, NZ Customs will back charge us - not you!

Ahh, let me see.. we'd prefer to say no but we're good guys, so the answer is yes.  But it's difficult because of the rapid timeframes we work within.  That's why it's important to check your order thoroughly before you submit it, after all, none of us want your job to be delayed. But we understand that last minute needs arise, so please contact us as soon as you can.

Yep, we've got a whole cloud full of it.   Contact us and we can get your order under way immediately.

Yes, even Klingon..

But because we can't proof your order we require you to provide us your engraving / printing info as a PDF file - with fonts converted to curves.  Call us to discuss if you're unsure how to do this. You will receive an artwork proof for you to approve before your order goes to production.

Despite our intense efforts, on rare occasions this does happen.  We make every effort to rectify the situation in time for your event as a matter of absolute priority. More information can be found in our Satisfaction Guarantee.


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